Вакансия в архиве, закрыта 27 октября 2016
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Sales Coordinator

по договоренности
Полный рабочий день на территории работодателя
Опыт работы от 3 до 6 лет, высшее образование, английский разговорный
Должностные обязанности:
Our client, a manufacturer of power transmission belts and a manufacturer of fluid power products announces a search for the position of Sales Coordinator:
• Supporting customers with queries received by phone or email
• Responsible for informing customers about product availability, lead time
• Answering basic technical questions or referring any detailed technical concerns or questions to the product management or application department
• Responsible (together with the field sales force) to keep customers updated on all modifications within the product range, advertising material, pricing and all other modifications if necessary
• Responsible for correct handling of all campaign orders, making sure that all parties involved are informed and that campaign orders are processed within the agreed delay and at the correct terms
• Responsible for correct processing and follow up on delivery of orders. Correct processing includes correct product numbers, correct unit of measure, correct dates, delivery time, shipping terms and prices
• Processes and follows up all customer product claims making sure that these are promptly brought to the Quality Department’s attention
• Responsible to update the Customer Database on the network (CRM)
• Responsible to consult with the Sales Force and Central pricing before discussing any special pricing or arrangements not previously approved and following the established procedures, coordinates price complaints between customers, field sales and Pricing department
• Responsible to update and maintain the Sales Condition sheets and local pricing and discounts database
• Refers all information learned about commercial problems, concerns or business opportunities to the appropriate functions and /or sales
• Responsible for correct processing of credit and debit notes
• Handles all paperwork related to customers’ contracts and addendums and maintain local contracts database
• Supports in translation of technical and advertising materials
• The position is very customer oriented and as such quality orientated. Needs to be a support in obtaining the targeted service levels and B/O objectives. Needs to be conscious of possible expenses involved e.g. in case of special shipments, order mistakes (possible slow moving) etc.
• Supports the field sales force with Administration, send updated Gates information to customers and is able to assist the RSM with sales info for customer or internal meetings
• Must be backed-up by sales coordinators colleagues in the same office.
• Higher education and additional Degree in Econ
• Omics, marketing or 3-4 years of experience in related area. Fluent in English (spoken and written).Good knowledge of Microsoft office
• Must have excellent communication skills to build good professional relations with customers and internal contacts
• Must be able to handle several critical issues at the same time
• Must have good commercial judgment and use common sense when seeking agreement with customers
• Must have excellent follow-up skills
• Must be able to get results and answers to questions on a timely basis with sometimes limited authority
• Must have overall product knowledge and basic technical understanding
• Requires regular computer and organizational skills
• Must be able to apply all principles of GQC, GBLP and common quality procedures
• Requires the ability to work accurately at repetitive and high volume work
• Must have a thorough understanding of all features of the BPCS system covering all aspects from order receipt till invoicing and the ability to work with numbers and figures
• Must have good understanding of the Intranet tools (Open Order reporting / Sales statistics / Conditions sheets) used in the Industrial Market.
Мы предлагаем:
• Office near Paveletskaya metro station
• White Salary
• Medical insurance after 3 months probation period
• Friendly environment
• Possibilities for professional development
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Полюс +, от 40 000 до 60 000 руб.
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Студио Модерна, м. Владыкино, м. Кантемировская, от 40 000 руб.
Брокер / Менеджер по продажам (Кропоткинская, Александровский сад)
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"Компания "ДиВэй", м. Авиамоторная, от 50 000 до 100 000 руб.
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ЗАМОСКВОРЕЧЬЕ, м. Арбатская, м. Новокузнецкая, м. Юго-Западная, еще 7 станций м. Жулебино, м. Кузнецкий мост, м. Кутузовская, м. Полежаевская, м. Севастопольская, м. Тургеневская, м. Цветной бульвар, от 30 000 до 80 000 руб.
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