Вакансия в архиве, закрыта 20 июля 2017
№ 29152988

Product Manager (Crop Protection Manager)

Международная компания-производитель товаров для сельского хозяйства в сфере растениеводства
до 200 000 руб.
Полный рабочий день на территории работодателя
Опыт работы от 3 до 6 лет, английский разговорный
Должностные обязанности:
• Collect information on the key farms of the segment (agricultural machinery and applied crop protection scheme)
• Develop strategies to promote products in the segment for each region
• Development of tools to promote products in its segment: writing techniques how to set up demo trials at farms with their crops, budgeting demo tests, coordination with regional representatives and the control of the demo trials, collecting reports. Summary of results.
• Finding out and formulation of key competitive advantages of the products, substantiation of economic efficiency
• Preparation of the agronomic texts of promotional materials, catalogues, presentations by product segment.
• Training company staff on the technological features of product application in its segment.
• Training distributors on selling technology of the product in their segment.
• Participation in the demo trials of key customers (with the participation of regional managers)
• Setting targets for the regional representatives for the development of product sales (potatoes) in their region.
• Consultation and prompt resolution of current issues when dealing with key products: clarification of the application of schemes, preparation of integrated crop protection schemes to include friendly products, visiting key farms to address emergency situations, trips for the test processing, etc.
• Work with the regional representatives on the targets, involvement in the tailor-made sales planning (relying on knowledge of the situation at specific farms – there must be a database with information).
• Participation in the development of special events promoting their product segment
• Conducting presentations at for farms at regional workshops.
• Participation in negotiations with suppliers on the subject of complaints.
• Proposals to expand the product portfolio in its segment
 Conditions
• Agronomist background
• A person who can establish and organize demonstration trials, and can make technical-oriented presentation of pesticides for promotion in Power Point and initiate the seminar and explain properly the characteristics, benefits, how to use, advantage of pesticides to Customers (distributors and farmers).
• A person who make technical supports for sales staffs and customers (distributors and farmers)
• A person who can establish marketing plan of Products and fulfill it properly for pesticides obtained business right from supplier
• A person who enlarge product portfolio of pesticide, and control and manage product life cycle of existing products.
• A person who has passion and is a hard-worker and initiates to reform, strengthen with current president.
• A person who is self-motivated
• A person who improves in marketing in the company.
Мы предлагаем:
 Tasks
• Products Management
o Establish and fulfill of Positioning and Strategies of each product
o Demo trials, Analysis of results
o Seminar, Exbition
o Technical Supports to Staffs, Dealers, and Farms
(in association with Commercial Manager and Marketing Manager)
• Support for Sales development
o Supports for Sales Team
o Analysis of Sales Staffs acivities
• Special tasks assigned by General Director
• Support for Development Department
• Establish CRM system with Marketing Manager and Sales Team
Ассистент менеджера по продукту
Снежная Королева, от 25 000 до 30 000 руб.
Менеджер продукта / Product manager
Гамма-центр (банковское оборудование), по договоренности
Главный специалист по маркетингу / Продукт-менеджер
Вайзбокс ПРО, м. Павелецкая, от 60 000 руб.
Продукт-менеджер (СИЗ, спецодежда)
Staffmax, м. Бульвар адмирала Ушакова, м. Саларьево, м. Теплый Стан, от 70 000 до 110 000 руб.
Продукт-менеджер по инвестиционному и накопительному страхованию жизни
РЕСО-Гарантия, м. Верхние Котлы, м. Нагатинская, по договоренности
Менеджер по продуктовому маркетингу
Staffmax, по договоренности
Менеджер по продукту
POScenter, от 70 000 до 120 000 руб.