Вакансия в архиве, закрыта 23 октября 2016
№ 29149493

Lawyer / Юрист

по договоренности
Полный рабочий день на территории работодателя
Опыт работы от 3 до 6 лет, высшее образование, английский cвободное владение
Должностные обязанности:
· The development, analysis, implementation of legal expertise, editing, approval,
· conclusion of the general contract (design, construction, reconstruction), subcontracting,
· supply, sale, services, foreign trade contracts, additional agreements to them acts;
· Risk assessment of their distribution scheme liability, etc.;
· Participation in negotiations and negotiating the terms of contracts with contractors;
· Legal support and advice on all aspects of economic activities of the Company;
· Preparation of a legally competent conclusions on emerging issues in the shortest
· possible time;
· Approval of comments and discrepancies with contractors;
· Development of constituent documents (including foreign companies) preparation protocols,
· registration with the competent state authorities of the Russian Federation,
· obtaining the necessary permits, licenses, etc.);
· Legal support in the field of labour law;
· Work with claims of the Company (the settlement of various disputes with customers,
· subcontractors, suppliers of equipment, possible in the implementation of the construction
· process and warranty);
· Business correspondence and negotiations with counterparties within their competence,
· preparation of documents for submission to the contractors, public authorities;
· Interaction with the legal department head of the company;
· Interaction with the SRO (self-regulatory organizations) in the field of design and construction.
· Making documents (in the framework of inspections, if necessary).
Degree in Law;
· Fluent English (oral and written);
· Experience 5 years (preferably in the field of industrial construction);
· Good knowledge and practical skills in the areas of civil law, corporate law, arbitration
· procedural law, labor law, international finance, international trade relations;
· Experience with the general contract (engineering, construction), EPC contracts
· (engineering, procurement, construction) and EPCM (engineering, procurement,
· construction; management), FIDIC;
· Experience with contracts in English and bilingual;
· Experience of negotiating, business correspondence in English;
· Arbitration practice on disputes under construction contracts and contracts for design
· work, supply contracts (it’s desirable);
· Very good practical skills in MS-Office programs;
· Ability to analyze problem situations;
· Team oriented;
· Self-motivated.
Мы предлагаем:
· Employment according to the Labor Code of Russian Federation;
· Probation period - 3 months;
· Provision of voluntary medical insurance after the end of the probation period;
· Corporate mobile phone;
· Internal corporate and external trainings in law field;
· Participation in international projects, it’s a great opportunity for professional growth
· and development.
· Salary to be discussed according to interview results with the successful candidate.
Бизнес Класс, м. Курская, м. Октябрьская, м. Савеловская, от 70 000 до 150 000 руб.
Помощник юриста / Юрист
Избёнка и Вкусвилл, м. Строгино, от 45 000 до 50 000 руб.
Юрист / Помощник юриста
ООО "Волжский Гарант", м. Автозаводская, от 35 000 до 50 000 руб.
Юрист по надзору
Капитал инвест, от 50 000 руб.
Деловое Бюро, по договоренности
Юрист в отдел недвижимости
Южный двор, м. Технопарк, от 25 000 до 30 000 руб.
Юрист, юрисконсульт, адвокат
Южный двор, от 35 000 руб.
Помощник юриста / Оператор колл-центра
Юридические консультации, до 50 000 руб.
Юрист первичного приема
Юридические консультации, по договоренности
Юрист, юрисконсульт
Магнит, Розничная сеть, от 50 000 руб.