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Support of current business activities for several companies through daily execution of:
I. translations as well as reading, collection, preparation, drafting, analysis, reconciliation, adjustment, processing and endorsement of typical legal documents ... related with the companies’ foreign trade activities among them, such as:
1. bilingual contracts (of loan, service, agency, warranties etc.) concluded with counterparties and supplemental agreements,
2. powers of attorney,
3. letters, invoices, decisions, orders, presentations and applications to legal authorities and credit and financial institutions,
4. corporative contracts,
5. Memorandum (constituent or charter documentation) and Articles of Association,
6. Protocols,
7. Resolutions of shareholders and members,
8. sundry documents, including but not limited to ones for Due Diligence purposes;
II. paperwork of:
1. contractual origin by:
a) document management, namely along with maintenance of contracts register, for the purposes of:
- accounting of the companies’ receivables and payables,
- subsequent data provision in favour of certified public accountants and
- financial statements preparation,
b) monitor of:
- contracts database’s relevance,
- contractual obligations’ execution by counterparties and
- their interests’ compliance in dealing with each other;
2. corporative origin for:
a) Memorandum (constituent or charter documentation) and Articles of Association by maintenance of:
- amendments to such documents,
- executive bodies’ election/assignment for the legal entities and
- transactions;
b) applicable laws’ consideration,
c) communication with local registrars regarding price terms and conditions of their work,
d) cooperation with:
- registrars for amendments to Memorandum (constituent or charter documentation) and Articles of Association,
- notaries public,
- partners that concern the companies’ maintenance;
III. business correspondence and communication to assist in:
1. advisory on various corporative and related commercial legal issues,
2. invoices maintenance,
3. information reference and analytical documentation and reports;
IV. accounting and analytical functional duties’ unit:
1. upgrade of information-analytical accounting and monitoring system for loans granted and received,
2. maintenance of the systems’ database relevance and
3. development of a flexible system of reporting.
* Customization, application and improvement of information and analytical system for accounting and monitoring of loan products;
* Cast to improved standards of translation forms for typical legal, corporate, accounting and other documents.

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