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Вакансии компании Webmedia

Клиент SuperJob с 8 сентября 2009 года
100-500 сотрудников
Webmedia is a big company uniting a large number of people. Webmedia is not about one specific line of business, there are dozens of projects simultaneously underway, allowing our people to develop their skills in many different areas, or to concentrate on the area they love the most. Webmedia builds software, which only in Estonia is used by hundreds of thousands of people. If someone makes a phone call, uses online banking, pays taxes, goes to the doctor, insures themselves or their property, communicates with government agencies, travels by airplane or performs another ordinary action, then without realizing it they come into contact with software created at Webmedia. There is no other software developer in Estonia who could provide such a varied choice of activities for their employees.

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