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Вакансии компании Люгонг Машинери Рус

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As a leading construction equipment manufacturer, LiuGong is a company to cooperate, create and deliver real value to all our global customers. We offer a full line of extreme duty, intuitive machines for construction equipment owners. With expansive array of product lines of any Chinese manufacturer, the needed LiuGong products from different regional demands are manufactured and selected from 24 global manufacturing plants in China, Poland, India and Brazil.

Russia is one of the most important strategic markets for LiuGong. LiuGong Headquarters decided input more resources to develop the local business. We set up Russian Subsidiary in Moscow in 2014, and continually to input more in Russian Market. Under the long-term development strategy of LiuGong, we are now in the process to invest in local manufacturing project in Russia. We are committed to create mutual values with local companies.

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